Guitar Hero speed wtf dragonforce lol video games Video through the fire and the flames - 107688705

Dude Completes "Through The Fire And The Flames" On 275% Speed For Some Reason

Well, it's been done.
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teachers responses to test doodles

Twitter Thread: Times Students And Teachers Interacted Over Test Doodles

Keep on a-doodlin'.
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funny pickup lines

People's Best Worst Pickup Lines

They likely won't work, but they are fun.
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Karen blames burnt pie on marie callenders and gets roasted by comments

Karen Burns Her Own Pie, Blames Marie Callender's, Gets Dogpiled In The Comments

Well, Sharon, but still.
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People describe the worst job interviews that they ever had. | BrutalNutritionist 3h Realised pyramid scheme half way through interview already working so didn't accept job.

Worst Job Interviews People Ever Had

Job interviews can be total nightmares.
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basic skills that everyone doesn't know

Basic Skills People Are Surprised Not Everyone Knows

It's weirdly common.
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funny bad life hacks and life pro tips | Life Hack cutting bagels put finger stabilization hole keep steady | Life Pro Tip Replace cat litter box with an amazon box s full, tape up and place on front porch someone steal.

Inadvisable Life Hacks That Won't Make Anyone's Life Much Better

Life is not a game.
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bad mailman is mean to temp, gets proven he's bad at his job and gets fired

Nefarious Mailman Treats Temp Like Garbage, Gets His Career Sabotaged

Revenge is a dish best delivered every day except Sundays.
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funny pun memes and dad jokes | rogeyroo: sashimi rolling, they hating person wearing a sushi costume riding a bicycle | reading book about anti gravity. Is any good can't put down Star Trek

Puns of Varying Quality and Clevertude

The puns roll on.
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An epic wholesome Tumblr story about a mom who tried to purchase a woman with goats. | probably-voldemort My family is not very religious most time pray at Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving dinners, and my mom's entire side family excluding her parents and siblings is hardcore religious so whenever do anything with them 's kind religious. But point is, most time aren't, but every year at Christmas time church next town over puts on Bethlehem and 's kind tradition go. They go all out building

Tumblr Story: The Epic Saga Of Goat Guy

Goat guy is the real MVP.
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funny spelling failures | draft is ready go stuffed giraffe toy | need gas recipe Please pay inside have been wanting make my own gas while now TURN OFF ENGINE Take Receipt Here

Regrettable and Sometimes Creative Spelling Fails

What happened?
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boss tries to extend employee on probation but it backfires

Unreasonable Boss Tries To Trap Employee In Probation, Totally Backfires

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man combines burgers against wishes of burger guy, enraging him

Man's Effective and Idiotic Loophole Enrages Burger Guy

"That's not possible!"
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Strange and bizarre old Christmas cards.

Old-Timey Christmas Cards Were Horrifically Weird

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Sad FAIL toys fireplace Perfect Timing lol funny Video - 107686913

Girl's New Toy Flies Straight Into Fireplace

It happens.
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advertisement absurd Thai lol thailand perfect amazing genius funny - 107687169

Thai Cough Pill Ad Proves Once Again That Thai Ads Are Absolutely Excellent

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